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Originally Posted by mckbln View Post
Yep...the global alarmists...

Gee, we're all going to die!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!
... report identifies six audiences with different opinions about global warming: The alarmed (18%), the concerned (33%), the cautious (19%), the disengaged (12%), the doubtful (11%) and the dismissive (7%).

You are in the extreme 7% of dismissive. You complain that everyone else is in the 18% alarmed. Like most things, most people are in the middle: its probably true, why not take moderated easy steps to ease it, not going to spend too much or do anything extreme to address it. Why did your buddy Trump go from "Hoax" to real? On a side note, how do ex-military people feel about shin splint deferment Trump always talking about he knows more about the military matters than military lifers and denigrates every military hero that disagrees with him?
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...

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