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I have to disagree with all the posters here. People are blaming the coach for not putting academics first? I am pretty sure the Burks knew full well what they needed to do to get into the teaching program. He needed to maintain at least a 2.75 GPA. He did not. He put other things, including wrestling, ahead of academics. He is the one who waited until the end of his junior year to try to address the issue. It should have been addressed during his first 2 years. If he needed tutors or needed to stop wrestling to do it then that is what he should have done. The coach, the AD, the school afforded him the opportunity to get a good education. He is the one who took the classes, the one who studied for the tests, took the tests and got the C's. He should take responsiblity for his own choices.

Before anybody jumps on here to blast me saying that I have no idea how hard it is to be a D1 athlete, I wrestled at Northwestern for 2 years and quit the team during my junior year to get my grades up and attend med school. It was a hard decision to make, but it was the right one. It strained relationships with teammates and wrestling was hard to walk away from. However, these are the hard decisions we all make. My GPA went up over a full grade point when I quit the team--that is how much of an impact training for D1 sports can have on a student's academic performance.

My 2 cents is: Duke needs to take responsiblity for his choices. The wrestling coach afforded him an opportunity to excel in wrestling which he has done and the school afforded him a quality education where he could excel and he did not take full advantage. He had 3 years to get his grades up and he failed to do that. He led himself to this place and is now asking the coach to let him out of his commitment, so that he can excel in wrestling for another program after NIU invested 3 years in him. There is no way I would let him out. The coach is not preventing him from getting an education at another school, he is preventing him from getting a scholarship and wrestling for another school. It is Duke not putting academics first, yet again. I think he should either drop off the wrestling team and pursue his dreams at NIU or pay his own way at another school like most other students. Duke is obviously a good kid who means a lot to this community, but he is also a kid who has made poor decisions that he has to live with, like we all have. That is life. He is not a victim, but a product of his choices. Regardless of what his next choice is, I have no doubt that if Duke wants to be a teacher, then he will find a way. Next to wrestling, everything in life seems easier. His lessons learned on and off the mat will serve him well in life. I hope he takes responsibilty for these choices and wish him luck in dealing with this challenge.

glad im not the only one
i see it more as the wrestler hurtin the team.If he leaves doesnt the team take a hit with the Academic Performance Rate (APR) We already lost 1 d1 program because of this now we want to put another at risk because of 1 kid?As i said before in this post he has 3 choices ,he might not like those choices but hes not being screwed here