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good match up

Originally Posted by rastler View Post
Prairie Central in a close dual with LeRoy...we wrestled great

103 leroy by fft
112 leroy by fft
119 Smith pc wins by Major dec over leroy
125 leroy wins by dec over hosselton pc
130 leroy wins by Major over Rhodes pc
135 Wiffley beats Fisher 7-4...closser than the score
140 Monical beats Kineipp pc dont remember if dec or pin
145 Leroy wins by dec over Reis pc
152 Farney pc wins by pin
160 Studabaker pc wins by dec
171 Welch pc wins by fft
189 Neerhoof wins by pin over Farney pc
215 Wilson pc wins by pin over Leroy
285 Diller pc wins by pin over Leroy
leroy didnt match up very well against prairie central and we didnt pin in some weight classes that we normally do and got pinned in some weight classes that were not our normal result was a very good match. However I never thought that the fisher wilfley match score was reflective of the match itself. IMO I thought the match was almost over in the first when wilfley was cradling up fisher when time ran out . Good match and by the way it was 9-4 fisher wilfley match.