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Originally Posted by agdfan View Post
Let's just say I was asked to do this. I said yes. My only reservation, aside from occasionally crying, was something like this happening. I was afraid it would be taken wrong, nobody would like it, or somebody would think it's unfair. I would be more than happy to stop if general consensus warrants it. It really makes no difference to me.
I would stop writing if a majority felt they were negative or even self serving. It only takes one button to delete. It was our intention to "share" very private moments of our wrestling children growth and developement to the point that made them All Americans and National Champions. It should be known that both of our sons are basically shy when it comes to publicity or credit about tbeir wrestling. Both never want to offend any opponent or fan. They see all chapters and approve or correct anything that is posted. You the fan let us know if we should continue to share. Meanwhile chapter six later tonight.

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