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I've seen the death of many wrestling programs over the years. It's always sad for me. In this case, it's not really a death but more of a murder. UNO was at the top of their game. If you compare this to professional sports it would be like the Yankees or the Patriots losing their team.
College sports is about money and politics, as sad as it is to admit. High school sports isn't too far behind and I know that in time there will be programs that suffer the same fate on the high school level, teams that do well.
I don't know these people at UNO. I don't care to. I only know this. They have put these kids last on their list of prioritites. Athletics are as influential as classroom learning, if not more so. I took away more from the wrestling room than I ever learned in school and I am sure that this is the case with the majority of kids that ever stepped on the mat.
You can have your cake and eat it too. How? Figure it out UNO. I'm not an accountant and I'm not a genius, I just know that other Univesities do it. The first step is NOT TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT!
The wrestling community will continue to suffer devastating blows as long as these selfish bastards run these schools like they have been. I can only hope that future UNO students and their parents look at this situation and see it as a prelude of what's to come. Today they cut wrestling, tomorrow it may be some academic program that your kid is enrolled in. Maybe enrollment will suffer like these athletes are suffering.
Well I'm rambling and I get that way when I am angry.
My thoughts are with all the UNO people affected by this, and you have my support.
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