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Originally Posted by TakeDownTwo View Post
Kudos to the DeKalb Barbs. Ten state qualifiers and an OT loss away from an 11th qualifier. Four of the ten qualifiers are freshmen (T. Curran, D. Curran, D. Lopez & Gillum) and two are sophomores (Aranda & McGee) so, the future looks bright.

Side notes:
- Because I'm curious, I wish someone with more time (smarter) than me calculated tournament scoring between DeKalb & OPRF.
- Fabian Lopez vs Zaccone at 132 will be one of the best matches on Thursday.
- If they both make it through their brackets, Christensen vs Dahnweih at 195 could be a great finals match-up.
Went over it quickly. I came up with Dekalb 213 1/2 Oak Park 198 1/2. Thanks for giving me an excuse to not work and do something more fun for me.
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