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The North remembers...

Read the article in the above link. It's interesting in more than a few ways.

I have three distinct impressions:

First off, the official in question, hired by the host school, may have been abusing his power. Made a call he shouldn't have as per the description in the article then followed it with a perhaps unwarranted unsportsmanlike call for something the kid said in response then put the cherry on the sundae with the unsportsmanlike after the match for flexing.

Sidebar: if flexing after a match is that bad, I know some kids that should've been banned from the sport.

Secondly, the fact that a judge was even willing to listen to this argument is troubling. The administration of any wrestling contest lies with the official presiding over it -- as it should. Any appeal to the head official or tournament director is where it ends. We may have just witnessed Pandora's whistle giving us a tweet. The fact that a court was willing to hear this case AND overrule it means we have a storm on the horizon. Final results won't be known until adjudication is completed I guess...

There's a line forming at the courthouse now. In the now infamous Woah video, does Mrs. T's vengeful dash onto the mat warrant a double disqualification? Let juris prudence make that call?

This is a very bad thing. We've often been told about slippery slopes... well, this is attempting to walk down one of those 200 foot water-slides if you ask me. No place in the sport for it.

Last but not least, the WI kid named in the article sounded familiar. Hayden Halter. Where had I heard that name before?

Oh yeah! That's the kid who supposedly moved to Illinois for his 8th grade year to help his youth club with their dual team title pursuits. I guess he didn't like it since his family supposedly moved back to WI for his freshman year.

Let's stop cheating each other people. It's disrespectful. The biggest cheating, however, isn't anything on the mat. It's how we cheat our kids out of the chance to learn to be a good person with the examples we set. Just because you're allowed to get away with something doesn't mean you should.

I don't know if the Halters ever actually moved to Illinois or not. It certainly doesn't appear that way from the series of events I'm aware of. In either case, it's quite easy to infer that any move -- real, or reported -- wasn't done for (as they say on the Bachelor) the "right reasons".
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