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Originally Posted by ILWrestle View Post
I'm afraid I have to agree here. "Calling out" may not be the right words, but you're definitely lecturing the Marmion coaches.

If the site admins feel they have the right to use the IM front page to admonish a coaching staff or individual, then so be it. I guess that's the nature of free press. But I don't respect it and respectfully ask that it be removed. The AA forum or PM is a more appropriate (and professional) place for this kind of direct intervention in my opinion.

Mick Torres
I respect your opinion and your contribution to Illinois wrestling as a competitor and in what you now do, but I also respectfully disagree. This is a media site, like a newspaper. The event was broadcast for everyone to see and remains in teh public domain. I know this is not professional sports. I take a similar view when people are making comments about kids. They are not professional athletes who make a living from their sport. Coaches, however, are adults and do get paid (albeit not what they are worth). Media report and comment. That is what they do, and that is what Mr. Twister did.
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