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I respect your opinion and your contribution to Illinois wrestling as a competitor and in what you now do, but I also respectfully disagree. This is a media site, like a newspaper. The event was broadcast for everyone to see and remains in teh public domain. I know this is not professional sports. I take a similar view when people are making comments about kids. They are not professional athletes who make a living from their sport. Coaches, however, are adults and do get paid (albeit not what they are worth). Media report and comment. That is what they do, and that is what Mr. Twister did.
My only concern has to do with "where" it was posted. I am not disagreeing with the article or Twist's responsibility to report and comment for IM. I just don't think it needs to be a lead article along with the otherwise noteworthy wrestling stories of the day. If this is a media site as you say, "like a newspaper," ask yourself, would that type of commentary or editorial opinion be a lead story on the front page? I oversee five school websites and if this was one of my sites, because it singles out a group and an individual in a negative way, I'd ask that it be moved to the inside...where it belongs. We can agree to disagree here and if I'm disagreeing to the standards Admin set forth for you guys, OK. I only commented because I care about IM and its reputation. Many coaches and fans who frequently visit this site, including the hundreds of coaches I speak to every season, depend on IM for its outstanding coverage, rankings and up-to-date tournament and dual results and yet rarely visit the forums because of the trash talking and rumor-monging that appears on the surface to prevail. The article is a direct and personal message to the Marmion staff. Consider how they feel and then ask yourself, should it be on the front page of this newspaper or in the editorial section?
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