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Originally Posted by DPBwrestle1 View Post
To end....I just want to add that while I lost the last match of my career, I did not lose my last match of the weekend. See, on Saturday, between rounds, I was challenged by a certain "Mr. Admin" in a hotel room. After fighting off my laughter early in the match, I was able to score a late first period takedown, quickly followed by a cradle, for the fall.
First of all, I just banned you from Illinois Matmen for including this in your blog. Second, I didn't know you were going to hit me with a nasty crossface after I gave up the first takedown. I'm your brother in law for crying out loud. Third, we were wrestling in the corner of hotel room. I need more space to showcase my quickness. Finally, I didn't have my singlet on. You saw what I did to Duke in bout #2 with my NIU singlet on.
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