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Old 03-13-2006
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The Burk Blog 3/13

Sorry, it has been a while. I apologize.

My season ended last weekend on a very bad note. I finished third in the MAC for the second year in a row, and I feel I underperformed this time around. I just don't think I wrestled as well as I am capable of, and therefore it is harder to get over a disappointing performance. All year long I worked for the MAC tourney, and when the time came, I felt I was ready. I really did. But things just didnt go my way. I lost 4-3 in the semis to the Kent State kid, and that was that. He made NCAAs, I didn't. I knew I had to make the finals to get a bid, so I knew right away that I wasn't going. It was a terrible feeling. It is the one thing I worked all year for, and something I have dreamed of since I was a kid. And now, I sit here again still not ever having qualified for NCAAs.

It is something that has been hard to deal with. I feel I work harder than 99% of the wrestlers in the country. I honestly do. So to see that hard work not come to fruition at the right time is kind of hard to accept. But, I also understand that life goes on. I have one year left, and I am going to make the most out of that year. I have to adjust my training some and get back to doing what I do best....working hard.

I am going to make the trip to OKC this weekend with my brother and two teammates. It is going to be hard to watch the tourney, but I feel it is something I need to do, for myself and my teammates. I'm a leader on our team, and for me to sit around and pout because I didn't fulfill my dream this yr is ridiculous. I have to be a man about it, move on, and support my three teammates who have made the tourney.

I look forward to the off season, honestly. It is one of my favorite parts of wrestling. I get to change my training and make things harder, and get myself better. I know what it takes, and I know I will do it. So I look forward to it. I took last week off. One, because I have some injuries I need to heal. And two, because mentally I was not ready to start training again. But I am now, and hopefully I can get over some of these injuries and get back to being able to train hard again.

I will continue to write over the spring and summer and keep everyone updated on what is going on. If things go well with an MRI tomorrow, I hope to wrestle some freestyle this spring and get back to competing. Thanks for following me this year, it has been a lot of fun to write to everyone. Things didn't work out for me or our team this year, but I am a positive person, and I know that next yr is going to be special. I am confident that things will turn around for me, because I know I am going to put in the work that is needed. And our team has some very capable people coming into the lineup next yr, and we could be a top 10 team come March 2007.....which is the goal for me right now....MARCH 2007 is what I am focusing on right now.....


SHOUT OUT - this week it goes to my guy Tyler Larson, my favorite 8th grade wrestler in the state! Ty - if you read this, you work your butt off, and things are gonna go great for you in the future.

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Old 03-17-2006
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Hey Danny, thanks for the updates through out the year and please do them again next year. I hope all of your work pays off and we can watch you and Duke in Auburn Hills next year. What are your plans for after college? Do you plan on staying involved with the sport and coaching or soemthing? I look forward to following your success next season.
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