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Old 02-13-2012
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Purler Wrestling MINI BLASTER weekend clinics

Introducing Purler Wrestling MINI BLASTER Wrestling Clinic Series

Petersburg PORTA High School
17651 Bluejay Road
Petersburg, IL 62675
March 10-11, April 14-15, May 19-20

Clinic cost: $50 for one day and $90 for both days
Registration: 30 minutes prior to start time
Sessions: 9:30-12:00 / lunch / 12:45-3:30
Ages: 9 –18

Clinic format: NO random moves and recreational drill time with MINI BLASTER Clinic Series!
Like all other camps, clinics, and training that Purler Wrestling provides, our MINI BLASTER Wrestling Clinic Series will be focused around our renowned FOUNDATION WRESTLING INSTRUCTIONAL DVD series. At each clinic, your wrestler(s) will focus on one of the core areas/common positions of wrestling, and a few of the BEST tactics from that common position will be drilled over and over and over and over. We don’t drill until they get it right; we drill until they can’t get it wrong! Each of the two sessions will also entail live situations from these positions so that your wrestler(s) can spend hard wrestling time sparring from our area of emphasis. Day two of the clinic will build off of day one but will either be a different set of techniques from that core position or will be from a new position entirely, depending upon the position being studied and how varied and involved it is. Wrestlers will have the option to attend both days for $90 or one of the days for $50. Once MINI BLASTER clinic locations have been established, we will return every month or so to “blast” other positions and systematically train your wrestler to be proficient in all of the core areas of wrestling….like an assembly line. Sign him up for the complete MINI BLASTER series and he will finally be the skilled wrestler you and he have dreamed of him becoming.

UNDER-TEACH / OVER –DRILL – You won’t learn a new ‘move’ every 5 minutes like at most camps. This clinic is drill intensive and your wrestler can expect to hit 100s and 100s and 100s of reps during the weekend.

MINI BLASTER Series Drill Plan:
MB #1 -CORE Leg attacks and finishes
MB#2 -Front headlock series
MB #3 - Leg riding
MB #4 - Secondary attacks - scoring takedowns without shooting (best of)
MB #5 - Tilts / turns
MB #6 - Bottom (3 different stand ups) / secondary offense from bottom

* Only Nick Purler-trained staff members will be instructing your wrestler. These coaches / instructors are either former Purler Wrestling Academy students or coaches for Purler Wrestling Academy. No random coaches will be in charge of the training. This camp will provide unmatched expertise and the instructors will teach in ‘assembly-line’ fashion and teach everything in counted-steps so the novice wrestlers can learn quickly while the more advanced wrestlers can cruise into the hard-drilling phase. Nick currently uses this system to train his Purler Wrestling Academy (PWA) wrestlers. This academy is the nation’s largest wrestling school and is based in the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. Countless dedicated wrestlers travel as much as 3 to 5 hours round-trip each week to train with the Purler brothers. PWA has won four prestigious Tulsa National youth team titles in the past eight years while 23 PWA high school wrestlers have signed Division I wrestling scholarships in the past 4 years alone! PWA-trained athletes are aggressively sought after by the elite college recruiters. All students’ training is structured around Nick’s Foundation System of wrestling. Industry leaders have dubbed the Foundation System DVDs as the best instructional product ever produced for the sport of wrestling. Something we are very proud of! Our instructional DVD series is available at

Visit for information and online payment options.

Email me at for a printable flyer in .doc format. Thank you!

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