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Old 08-18-2019
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Originally Posted by MAL View Post
Did you know that Trump left the Reform party because David Duke was in it?

The term racist is way too loosely defined. For starters I believe virtually everybody has at least some racism in there heart. Remember that race is not just black and white. A white person can be racist against white people, and black person can be racist against black people, as well as any other possible combination.

For starters there is racist thought. If someone keeps there thoughts to themselves, the only one they are hurting is there own soul.

Then there are racist words. Free speech means all words are protected, even those that are long as you are not threatening or causing physical harm. That doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with being rude, obnoxious and belligerent...I am just trying to demonstrate that there is varying degrees of Racism.

Then there is racist actions. Some are illegal and can be insignificant.

Now we are up to racist violence. That is absolutely unacceptable from anybody...even ANTIFA or the black kids that were playing the knock out game. There is no shortage of disgusting stories from all walks of life, but my point here is that racism goes in all directions, and some racism is little more than a nuisance and some deserves the death penalty.

I honestly don't know where Duke lines up on the above scale. I haven't read his life story, I have never heard of any despicable crimes that he has committed. The only thing that we ever hear about Duke is that he is the leader of the KKK. The last time I was reading up on the KKK I learned that they were recruiting black people. I am not sure what that really means, but with the history of the KKK I would have no respect for anybody associated with them.

The blanket charge of racism does not carry the same weight as it once did, because every single republican has been called a racist basically because we don't vote Democrat. Now I guess we are white supremacists because we don't vote Democrat. Democrats are pulling out every dirty trick in the book to try to hurt Trump, but he is more popular now than when he was elected.
Yah, I doubt he is very racist, but no doubt he thinks throwing gas on that fire will help him get re-elected though. But for the President there should be no doubt that he is not. There is doubt. Its a small percent that really dig that issue, but enough to make the difference. That will get (more) people killed doing that though. He thinks that simply forward "tweets" from others absolves himself of responsibility. That is Not cool from the President. He is indeed a weirdo, but he made it work for himself. Evidently the US wasn't much before or after him, at least according to him and his "401K down the tubes without him comment."

Of course Trump says "We" when referring to Fox network.
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...

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