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Old 05-27-2019
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Jordan Burroughs versus Denis Tsargush

Burroughs' first loss to an international wrestler came to Russian Denis Tsargush in the 2014 World Championships. Tsargush won 9-2, but this was an injured Burroughs, who had an entire leg wrapped. This is what the American looked like in the match:

Tsargush was the heir to the great Russian Buvaisar Saitiev in just about every way possible. Like Saitiev, Tsargush was not an imposing figure. But he was a good tactician, and he loved the 2-on-1 Russian hold. This is a picture of Tsargush using that hold on Burroughs in the 2014 World Championships:

This makes three different Russians who have beaten Burroughs, each with a different body type and a different go-to move. All very Russian. I'm not going to do a description of the 2014 World Championship match because Burroughs was a wounded warrior, and it would be a waste of time.

The 2012 Olympics

On the other hand, Burroughs and Tsargush had a great match up at the 2012 Olympics. This was back when FILA had the possibility of three two-minute periods in a match. During that era, Tsargush and Burroughs matches always went the maximum three periods, and Tsargush always had great success with his 2-on-1, getting takedowns.

This is video of the Burroughs/Tsargush semifinal match at the Olympics in 2012. The match ended 3-1, 0-2, 2-1, so it was very competitive. (The finals against the Iranian was much less interesting and competitive; it only went two periods). Also, back at that time, everything was scored one point. A takedown was one point, an exposure was one point, and not making your bed when your Mom told you to make it was worth one point.

So 3-1, 0-2, 2-1 was actually a very action-packed match. Within seconds of the opening whistle Tsargush grabs a wrist and pulls it in so he can secure his trademark 2-on-1 hold. Burroughs tries an ankle pick with his free hand, but Tsargush knows how to defend that. He just lowers Burroughs shoulder with the 2-on-1 and puts the American off balance.

Tsargush used the 2-on-1 to jump into a single leg, and he finished it. (The beauty of the 2-on-1 is that, if you are comfortable with it, it eliminates a lot of exposure risk, and it allows you to control the balance of your opponent). Tsargush made his decision, committed totally, and then swooped in like a falcon.

continued in next post....
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