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Old 03-03-2008
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Will the Lena-Winslow kids dominate?

Before I begin sectional breakdowns, a quick Class AA update. I've worked my way through state at 152 pounds. I might, with everything I have on my plate, be done with the numbers tonight and make that my next blog entry.

OK, to Byron. I assigned the same point values for the four sectional placers -- 10 for the winner, five for the runnerup, three for third and two for fourth. I also assigned the same point values for tournament advancement -- 1 for a simple decision, 1 1/2 for a major, 2 for a tech, 3 for a pin, forfeit, injury default or disqualification.

103 pounds: With Thorian Twyner winning and picking up two pins and a major, plus a pin from Austin Skiles, the Sherrard Regional did very well, scoring 20 1/2 points. Next up was Lena-Winslow, where Brady Schlueter placed third and regional qualifiers won five matches -- including three by pin. Lena finished with 14 points. Thanks to the runnerup effort from Jon Harris, West Carroll had nine points, while Princeton had 4 1/2 points (two wins and a fourth from Nick Temes, now a frosh-soph state qualifier, by the by).

112: Let the rout begin. With a first and third from Allen Fish and Nick Harrison, seven regional wins (six of those earning bonus points), Lena surged into the lead, a lead it might not relinquish the rest of the way. Lena's 28 1/2 points pushed it out to 42 1/2 through two weights. West Carroll was a solid, if distant, second, as it got a second from Tim Hood and fourth from Kyle Wayne. Three pins helped West Carroll rack up 17 points (26 overall). Princeton had 5 points (9 1/2 overall), with a pin and tech fall, but those were the only wins on the day. Sherrard got just one first-round pin and nothing else, for three points (23 1/2 total).

119: More Lena dominance, as the regional went 1-2 at Byron behind Seth Milks and Evan Johnson. Seven more wins, with five earning bonus points, for a total of 25 points (67 1/2 overall). With Robbie Brink taking third, plus picking up two pins, West Carroll had 10 1/2 points (36 1/2 overall). Sherrard got seven points, with a pair of pins in the first round, but no medal points (30 1/2 total). Princeton had a fourth from Travis Full, but had only two match wins to go with it, for 4 1/2 points (14 overall).

125: Balance in this sectional. With Cameron Vance's win, and four match victories, Sherrard edged out Lena and West Carroll in this weight class, with 16 points (46 1/2 total). Lena had two medalists -- Tony Whaley and Jake Billeter -- and scored 13 1/2 points (81 total), and West Carroll had a third from Dan Brown, as well as five match wins (including two pins), for 12 points (48 1/2 total). Princeton had just one pin for three points (17 overall).

130: Lena re-asserted itself here, with a 1-2 finish from Zach Patterson and Andy Smith. Lena wrestlers won eight matches in this weight class, scoring 25 1/2 points (106 1/2 overall). With a third from Derek Mizaur, and pins from Mizaur and Quinn Robinson, Sherrard scored 11 points (57 1/2 total). Princeton scored four points, all from Jared Lauber (fourth) in the consolation bracket, to move up to 21 overall. West Carroll had just one match win, a major, to move up to 50 points.

135: A two-team battle between West Carroll and Sherrard, with two medalists for West Carroll (third from Shawn Bahrs and fourth from Brad Kaskavage) and seven match wins -- including five for bonus points. West Carroll finished with 19 points (69 overall). Sherrard got all of its points from sectional champion R.J. Emerick, who put up 15 during the weekend (72 1/2 total). Lena had the runnerup in Cody Brewington, and won four matches for 9 1/2 points (116 total). Princeton was shut out.

140: Like Emerick before him, Ty Taylor won his regional 15 points, as Princeton picked up 16 as a group (37 overall). All of the regionals got something good, with all of them getting a medalist. Next highest was Lena, which got 10 points behind third-place Tom Hawley and four match wins (126 total). Sherrard, with runnerup Jermaine McKnight, finished with 9 1/2 points (82 total), and West Carroll had a fourth from Matthew McIntyre, who had two bonus-point wins to help the regional score 7 1/2 points (76 1/2 overall).

145: Another Princeton champ -- this time Jeff Bybee -- helped Princeton score 15 points (all from Bybee), to move up to 52 overall. Sherrard, behind runnerup Ethan Ball and five match wins, had 14 points as a regional (96 total), while Lena, with a third from Robert Lizer and firve match wins, scored 12 1/2 points (138 1/2 overall). West Carroll had six points, all coming from fourth-place Ryan Gilbert (82 1/2 overall).

152: Lena. Lena. LENA! The regional swept the top three spots (Barry Glaudel first, Jared Hermann second and Zach Wenger third). The regional won 10 matches, five by pin, for 39 points. That's the highest point total I've seen so far. Lena improved to 177 1/2 overall, just about clinching the argument with five weights still to go. West Carroll was far behind, but got a fourth from Colby Kenney and had four match wins for 10 points (92 1/2 total). Sherrard had one match win from Julian Davidson in a pigtail match, for one point (97 total), while Princeton again was shut out.

160: West Carroll had its best weight since 135, thanks to a 1-2 performance from Tony Bahrs and Ryan McWethy and six match wins, good for 24 points (116 1/2 overall) and a move into second place. Sherrard got eight points, with a fourth from Gary Schwager (105 total), and Lena had seven, with a third from Jered Staver (184 1/2 total). Princeton had one match win for one point (53 overall).

171: Lena was almost as dominating here as it was at 152, with a 1-2-4 finish from Logan Behn, Brandon Person and Caleb Staub. Lena wrestlers won nine matches to score 33 points (217 1/2 total). Sherrard got all of its 8 1/2 points from third-place Cory Brown to move up to 113 1/2 overall. West Carroll had three match wins and five points (121 1/2 total), but had no medalists, and Princeton failed to score a point.

189: West Carroll got four pins, seven victories, and a third from Nick Snyder and fourth from George Canales (a frosh-soph sectional champ Sunday) to score 20 points (141 1/2 total). Sherrard got all 15 of its points from sectional champion Kyle Cunningham to move up to 128 1/2 overall, while Lena -- behind runnerup and eventual state champ Mitch Alberstett -- had 13 points (230 1/2 overall). Princeton had one match win, to move to 54 points overall.

215: A first from Michael Sojka and third from Alex Bunk, plus six match wins, helped Lena pick up 23 points in this weight class (253 1/2 overall). West Carroll -- with a runnerup showing from Scott Hubble -- got 10 points (151 1/2 total), while Sherrard, with fourth-place Nikko Mendoza and three match wins, had five points (133 1/2 total). Princeton had two wins for two points (56 total).

285: Lena got a first and second from Michael Fischer and Stephen Stack, plus six decisions, to score 21 points in the weight class (274 1/2 overall). Sherrard, behind a third from Andre Dunn and four match wins, scored eight points (141 1/2 overall), and fourth-place Jake Peterson, plus three wins, gave West Carroll 5 1/2 points (157 total). Princeton had two pins, but that was all, in scoring six points (62 total).

The question is now answered. Yes, Lena-Winslow kids dominated this regional. The Lena regional had just two weights where it did not score in double digits (135 and 160), and had two above 30 points and another right on the edge of 30. Having seven sectional champions helped a lot.

West Carroll had a couple of glitchy weights (130, 171 and 285), but otherwise seemed to score fairly consistently, if not spectacularly. Its big weight was at 160, where Tony Bahrs and Ryan McWethy carried most of the load.

Sherrard had a few solid weights (particularly from 125-145), but other than at 103 the regional did not score above 20 points as a group. Getting bonus points was tricky. And the regional also had its glitchy weights (112, 152 and 215) where it scored five points or less.

Take Ty Taylor and Jeff Bybee out of Princeton, and it scores 30 points in 14 weights. Taylor and Bybee had half the points. Otherwise, the regional had only three fourths (103, 119 and 130), and got just four pins. A long weekend, to be sure.

That's it from Byron, we'll see what's next on the docket...

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