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Old 03-14-2013
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What is all conference

My son Christopher Hagan Pinckneyville was called by his coach this evening and told he was voted our regions 126 all conference. What does this mean other then he was voted on. He is a sophomore so we are only 2 years new to the high school wrestling world and are lost. Proud but lost.
Old 03-14-2013
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it means he was voted to the River-to-River "All conference team... coaches voted to see who deserves recognition... It's kinda like an all-star team for wrestling, and they probably have a 1st team and then honorable mention team so a total of 28 wrestlers. Does this help??
Old 03-25-2013
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River to River All Conference

This year was the 1st year the River to River split the Ohio and Mississippi divisions, the same way football does. There were 2 all conference selections from the Mississippi side and the Ohio side of the conference. Ohio Division- Herrin,Benton,Murphysburg,W. Frankfort, and Harrisburg
Mississippi division- Pinckneyville,Anna-Jonesboro,Carterville, and Sparta
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