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Old 12-17-2005
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The Burk Blog 12/16

Hello Again. Not much has happened since the last time I posted. The main thing in my life that has happened is my sister gave birth to a little daughter named Elly Ann, her second child.

Dealing with wrestling, our team has been doing great. Against Northwestern, I do not think we wrestled up to our potential whatsoever. Our team was ready for the meet, they just could not get it done. It was totally different against Wisconsin. They were ready and got things done. We wrestled well up and down the line-up, even in our losses. Danny took a hard loss, but things happen. I mean, he wrestled tough, was in deep many times yet couldn't finish. With me, it's been practice, practice, practice. My next meet isn't until Jan. 7th in Dubuque so there isnt anything to do but get better. Danny and I have gone in extra a couple nights a week to work on the moves or positions we feel we are weak at. I am not too great on bottom or with my stance right now. I need to work on head position on my feet and hand control while on bottom.

The past 2 weeks, Coach Grant has had each wrestler on the team get up in front on the rest of us and tell what they "believe". It doesn't matter what it deals with, whether it is wrestling, life, or how to get better at either. I think it helps immensely to look at what you believe or what you think you need to do in order to get better. I said I believed in hard work yet I thought performance was more important. Hard work is worthless unless you can go out on the mat and wrestle well. I mean, yes hard work is very important, but if you are scared when you wrestle and wrestle tentative, it won't matter what type of work you put in because you still aren't wrestling your best.

But, I am gonna go. It's bed time and we have morning practice. I will be going to the Dvorak to watch some wrestling for the semis and finals. So good luck to all wrestlers there and around the rest of the state. Peace and Love

P.S. - Good job to all IL teams that wrestled out of state in the last couple of weeks. Shows other states how good we really are.
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