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Old 02-15-2011
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A look at A through a different lens

For most of you, Christmas Day comes on Dec. 25. My Christmas Day is Sectional Saturday. That’s when I discover how many of the wrestlers I’ve been charting, tracking and ranking over the course of the entire season actually get to the Big Dance…the individual state tournament at the Assembly Hall in Champaign.

So let’s look at this year’s Class A state preview.


1. Sterling Newman: It’s difficult to imagine a team winning a state title despite having defending state champion Bahrs not qualify, but the balance of this year’s field gives the Comets a chance despite no sure champions. Snow is just a freshman, but has the best shot at the Grand March, and Webb also has finalist potential. Hubbard, Ortman and Troye all should place, and with a little luck, one could become a finalist as well. That likely would put the Comets over the top.

2. LeRoy: Lots of potential scoring, starting with the junior duo of Bulington and Meyers. Both should make the finals. Matlock, Woolridge and Morrell also have good draws that they can take advantage of to place. Simmons is a long shot, but five placers might be enough.

3. Reed-Custer: How unusual to watch a team that, by all accounts, was a top-five team last year struggle so mightily this year due to graduation and transfers. Despite all that, few teams have more sure points. Lyons should win his second title, Chancey should reach the finals again and Rosenburg and Boyer also could place. It’s probably not enough to overcome the big boys, but it’s probably state trophy territory.

4. Stillman Valley: As he has been for the past two years, Harrison is a lock at 119…and Whaley also is finalist material. They put the Cardinals in the argument. If Shearer, Hawley and Patterson also place, they’re in the running for a state trophy…but none of the three is a sure state medal bet.

5. Petersburg Porta: The defending dual state champions could get points out of all six qualifiers…but how many? Durrett and Hild are returning placewinners, but Richardson, Kolb, Claussen and Herkert, who haven’t placed before, might be the best placing bets based on draws. Should half of them place, they’ll make the top 10; if all six do, we’re talking a state trophy.

6. Wilmington: The Wildcats have depth…but not many sure points. Liaromatis looks like a finalist, but he’ll have to come from the preliminary round. Olson also should place, but then…? Kettner, Rodawald, Peterson and Butler all have placing potential, but all would have to score one or more upsets to do it. The Wildcats’ strength appears to be at the upcoming dual state, where they’ll try to win their fourth title in five seasons.

7. Winnebago: This two-man team should hold its own to the tune of about 50 points. Sojka should win his second title with bonus points and Engelkes has separated himself from the rest of the field at 152. Probably not top five, but probably close.

8. Dakota: If we’re to believe the hype about the newest Alber in a Dakota singlet – and we do – that’s a state champion. Apple has finalist potential on a hot weekend and Stahl has enough quality wins to be placewinner material. If all three make the stand, the Indians make the top 10.

9. Macomb: The Bombers have a recent history of impressing at the Assembly Hall. Miller should reach the finals for the fourth straight year…whether he’ll get to the top step is anybody’s guess. But if Norton can match the third-place finish and the bonus points he earned last year, they’ll be in the top 10 again.

10. Bishop McNamara: Dolliger should place for the second straight year…but it’s likely a low place. Given that, the Irish would need placings from Zirkle and Major to crack the top 10.

(tie) Litchfield: Davidson has been there before…and should be again. The question is whether Newkirk and Brakenhoff can convert their favorable draws into state places. If they do, the Purple Panthers are top 10 material.

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Old 02-17-2011
AFCfan AFCfan is offline
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I always love reading your material. I will miss going to State this year. My one prediction Apple from Dakota will land on the top step.

Good Luck to all the wrestlers, wrestle well and show why wrestling is the purest sport.
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