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Old 01-14-2019
ChiefIllini1 ChiefIllini1 is offline
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Originally Posted by IlliniinIowa View Post
Some of those broadcasters are terrible. Last year against Indiana, the kid kept saying he didn't know why they weren't getting takedowns awarded for mat returns. That being said, I'll never complain because I want more wrestling coverage
The play-by-play guy during the MSU broadcast did that as well. LOL! He also called his own wrestler Rayvon Folly multiple times. His experienced color partner gently corrected him by calling him Rayvon Foley.

You are right that I appreciate the coverage.
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Old 01-14-2019
goodwrestling goodwrestling is offline
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Originally Posted by ChiefIllini1 View Post
Striggow was ranked at least as high as #16 until recently:

Are you really ready to give up on a redshirt freshman who carried a lead into the third period against a ranked or fringe-ranked wrestler at an away meet, and who got his first start in that match? If so, I don't think that I trust your judgment.

Just don't think he's ready for the role. Yes, Striggow is a bubble guy but is no longer ranked. I recommend that you stop using WrestleStat for rankings. It's done by a computer algorithm which make more mistakes than seems reasonable. If you want a ranking that still shows all the U of I wrestlers vs other Big10 wrestlers the Flo Big10 rankings may be better.

These show Striggow ranked 6th and Lee ranked 7th in the Big10. Kanzler is ranked dead last, and Rachal ranked 12/14. For some reason it has DiBenedetto ranked at 174 (14/14). I think Carver James would be higher when they make that correction. He does have a win over the 174 NCAA #11 from NIU and some other decent wins this year. 165 is more of the hole until Gunther is back.

Luckily, next year we have Luffman and the Braunagles potentially filling two of these holes.
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