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Old 01-15-2020
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Originally Posted by Mark Weber View Post

So it wasn't Ambrose with the candlestick in the parlor??

Isn't the Internet can talk trash and get away with it. Way to step up coach. I tip my hat to you and your club.

So it looks like 1 of the 2 disputed wrestlers discussed here have been resolved so that leaves 1 in question out of 1300....lets suspend him for 2 years, disband his club, abolish satellite weigh ins...that's the answer!

Better yet ban him from Bantam STATE!!!
I will say this and leave it alone. If I was a coach that would cheat on weight, wouldn't it have made sense for me to cheat at midwest classic which in its past has been an incredibly tough tournament. I ran the satellite for that one as well. My wrestler came back off of the holiday break nice and fattened up so he went up a weight class.. Beginning in January our wrestlers go thru 2 weeks of impossible practices for the build up to the second half of the competitive season.After a solid week of practice his body readjusted back to his its training weight. He weighed 93.8 and we were told to drop the decibel point in the weigh in instructions from tournament director. I did not like the the weight spread either, but do realize how much time, money, and effort goes into running a club as well those that are willing to run a tournament. No one in my opinion goes out to purposely give an advantage or disadvantage to a anyone. I'm sure they attempted to make the brackets competitive and that is all.
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Old 01-15-2020
pcc club coach pcc club coach is offline
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First off Elias, Bolingbrook and Ambrose great event.

Now the reality. Teams and coaches cheat. Usually the same ones too. A lot of our SOT-C wrestlers looked like they were in the wrong bracket. Half of our 12 wrestiers we had participating won the event. FYI The 1st place team belt was awesome. But to me a bit tainted. Have a check scale and a few random kids from the top 5-10 teams step on the scales. Or any obvious kids way off weight. Take the Roller approach, charge $10/20 to challenge a weight ??? With the hosts keeping all profits.

I bet all our club wrestlers weigh probably less or tops 1 lbs different. Why ? We wanted the competition. I knew we weren’t belt worthy

Where is the Truth and mat side weigh ins ?

Great event we will be back. With 10 hammers next year. And all will be on weight. For the comp and well run event. Team trophies are Nice but at what price ?

Let’s wrestle

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Old 01-15-2020
In the Know In the Know is offline
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Crystal Clear

Originally Posted by Vlis View Post
I doubt a 40lb kid wrestled a 55lb kid as someone claimed.
Here let me clear this one up for everyone.

There was a wrestler who's actual weight is 42-43 lbs. His weight was sent in 10 pounds over that DUE TO A MISTAKE BY THE PERSON WRITING THE WEIGHTS DOWN AT THE SCALE. Thus the 42-43 lbs kid was in a 54-55 pound bracket

The club, coaches, parents missed it the night before in track and caught it at 7:50 am.

The issue was brought to me then and the coach and parents had 2 choices at that point and time. Either stay in the bracket OR be withdrawn from the tournament. They chose to stay and wrestle.

Mistakes will happen if you weigh in the day before---the day off---when ever. So in this instance it was a legitimate mistake.

This is the reason that I stress to coaches--parents in emails to be constantly checking track wrestling. I leave my events open. I do not close them or hide anything ONLY the wrestler list for Midget Championships is closed that's it.

It is better to send an email or text at 1 am about a mistake then to try and fix it 5-10 minutes before the start of the tournament.

Lastly as far as skin and nail checks that too is addressed in my emails that go our the week before and the day before. If a coach sees something AT MATSIDE that coach has the right and ability to have the ref check and get the health care professional that is required at every sanctioned event and look at an issue and make a determination right then and there regardless if they passed skin and nail checks the day before done by whoever. That is a coach's right and a rule that they need to know and utilize.

Day before weigh ins or Call in weigh ins are nothing new. They were going on in Missouri over 20 years ago, they are going on in Wisconsin, and in fact they went on for years at a NATIONAL event. There are ways to curtail the cheating and I am working on implementing them with persons to make sure that they are within USA guidelines but more important DO NOT violate any Safe Sport guidelines.
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Old 01-15-2020
inthecrowd inthecrowd is offline
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So letís be honest is there some people that would cheat on weight. I suppose there are some. But we are talking about 1200 kids. How many do we really think cheat or maybe just guess close. What are we talking 25 or 35. Do we really think itís that much more. Remember when you look at body types they are different. Short and thick or tall and pencil thin. Sometimes we see very tall and say wow he is very big. Not big tall two different things. Just my thoughts.
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Old 01-15-2020
Shute Shute is offline
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Originally Posted by onyourtoes View Post
A. No kids around here - and I'm using 'kids' as 11 and younger - are dropping that kind of weight, so feel free to turn the alarm down a notch.

B. It is NOT easy for these kids to shed weight in most cases, which is why, a week out, kids who have to spend a little bit of time working on it, are close to their weigh-in weight 3 - 4 days before the weigh in (Tulsa weighs in tomorrow).

If you're worried about 6 / 7 year old weights, might I suggest lightening up a tad bit.
You missed my point entirely. I get it that some of the novice and seniors are cutting for Tulsa, Jon Davis and Iowa. I have no issue with that.

My point is that I am seeing some of these younger kids stepping out on the mat and they are clearly much bigger and stronger than their opponent. Second year bantams are not cutting weight for these local tournaments. Do their clubs forgot they have an official weigh-in at last year's regional that anyone can reference on trackwrestling?
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