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GrossNoises GrossNoises is offline
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Haha nice, some guy hurt the rankings guy's feeling so bad he created an account to defend himself. Welcome to the swamp, bucko.

Hamiti probably deserved this most during his freshman season when he blitzed a talented young field. His finals match was too close for comfort. The Lemont kid wrestled him well and had a chance to steal it, although the likelihood seemed low.
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admin admin is offline
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Originally Posted by GrossNoises View Post
Haha nice, some guy hurt the rankings guy's feeling so bad he created an account to defend himself. Welcome to the swamp, bucko.
This is something we were planning to do for a while, to have a rankings account to give reasoning behind some of our decisions and to interact with the wrestling community regarding the rankings.

Don't think any feelings were hurt here, just a justification for the Moore ranking.

And congrats to Moore on a fantastic state tournament!
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ol' man river ol' man river is offline
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Originally Posted by IMRankings View Post
This is a pretty dramatic statement. Yes, we missed on Chris Moore (for what itís worth, he was next in line to move into our rankings and technically should have moved into the top 8 at the least in the last couple of weeks.....). We donít pretend to have a perfect ranking system, and there are times we rely on others for help in regards to gathering information and some results. Of all the emails, messages, opinions that were sent to us this winter, I canít remember anyone mentioning Chris until the postseason.
There are probably a couple others we just missed on as well. But, despite only ranking 8-10 guys per weight class, I think you will find the majority of state place winners were at least a part of the rankings for a majority of the season.
We were INCREDIBLY impressed with Chris this past weekend, and I donít think he will fly under our radar in the future.
You really don't owe anyone an apology,,,,or anything for that matter. If you didn't do rankings at all....people complain. If you have someones kid as honorable mention and little johnny was first in the Tournament of Mediocrity....people complain
Fact is....people complain. You cant catch them all.
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Jabo3 Jabo3 is offline
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Not sure on outstanding wrestler but do not have a problem with the rankings and a huge shout out to the Bailey brothers.
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TroyVan71 TroyVan71 is offline
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Love the rankings. Always a chance someone comes up big at state and wrecks the bracket. Only reason I knew anything about Moore was because I watched him roll through my son mid season. Tech fall in the third period. I thought Moore would be top six for sure after that match. My son was not on the podium but did qualify and pick up a win in the first round at 113 LB. Back to the grind. Hope to see my son wrestling at state again next year.
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