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Old 02-12-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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Class A rankings Complete 2-12-2020

There was some weight changes in the last few weeks and I'm sure there will be some more in the upcoming weeks also. The honorable mentions are not in order. Let me know if I forgot someone or if you think I made a mistake. If you think I made a mistake please have some reasoning behind it besides "your little Johnny is the best". I will admit some of the weight classes were a lot more challenging to do since some of the 1A kids didn't place high in the combined tournaments.

1) Peterson-CC(X) 1st @CC/1st @ Homer/1st @ RC
2) Mosier-Ridgeview(4th@65lbs) 1st @ OLY
3) Moore-Litchfield (SQ) 1st @ JAX
4) Hardesty-Canton 3rd @ BLM and 1st @ORI
5) Kemp-Sherrad 1st @RR and 1st @ GEN
HM) Steel-Canton 4th@BLM and 2nd@ORI
HM) Wallace-Westview Hills 1st@ROM
HM) Cheon-Leroy 2nd@OLY/6th@BLM/2nd@RC
HM) Carter-Clinton 1st@MS/ 5th@OLY/ 5th @BLM

1) Scholwin-Pontiac(3rd@65lbs) 1st @ OLY/1st @Bloom/1st@RC
2) Bock-Rockridge(4th@65lbs)1st @ORI 1st @RR
3) Lindemuth-CC(6th@65lbs) 1st@ CC
4) Bush-Johnsburg 1st@DP and 1st@Matt(75lbs)
5) Waughtel-Carlyle(X) 1st at JDMS
HM) Baker-Mt. Zion 2nd@OLY and 4th@MS
HM) Baily-Clifton Nash 6@CC and 3rd@RC
HM) Thome RF- 5th @ CC
HM) Morris- CC 5th@Homer/ 4th@CC/ 6th@RC

1) Corder-Sandwich(X) 1st@CC and 1st@ROM
2) Widlowski-CC(1st@65lbs) 3rd@CC/3rd@Homer/1st@RC
3) Mouser-Leroy(SQ) 1st@Oly/2nd@Blm/2nd@RC/ 1st@MS
4) Wainwright-Riverdale(2nd@65lbs) 1st@GEN/2nd@RR/2nd@ORI
5) York-Ridgeview 2nd@OLY
HM) Cannon-Mt. Zion 3rd@OLY and 3rd@MS
HM) Miller-Darien 2nd@DP
HM) Wiles-Pontiac 3rd@RC
HM) Hamm-Auburn 3rd@GN

1) Gentsch-Heyworth(2nd@75lbs) 1st@OLY
2) Randle-Matthews(3rd@70lbs) 1st@Matt/1st@CAR/ 1st@DP
3) Waughtel-Carlyle(2nd@70lbs) 1st@JDMS
4) Ruckman-Roxana (1st @70lbs) 2nd@JDMS/1st@GN
5) Martinez-Olympia 1st@ORI
HM) Dill-Tremont 2nd@OLY
HM) Houston- Coal City 6th@Homer/ 4th@CC/ 1st@RC
HM) Jochums-Canton 6th@BLM and 2nd@ORI
HM) Stirn-Mercer 1st@JAX/ 1st@RC/ 3rd@ORI

1) Poole-Clinton(4th@80lbs) 1st @OLY/2nd @Bloom/ 2nd@MS
2) Rocky-Matthews(6th@80lbs) 1st @ MATT@90LBS/ 3rd @Car@90lbs/ 1st@DP
3) Goosens-Erie(5th@75lbs) 2nd @RR/1st @ORI
4) Green-Roxana(4th@75lbs) 2nd @JDMS/2nd @GN
5) Finch-CC(SQ) 5th@Homer/2nd@CC/1st @RC
HM) Tay-Ridgeview(4th@70lbs) 3rd@OLY
HM) Lehman-Rivertrails 1st @ Matt
HM) Mitchell- Camp Point 2nd@ORI
HM) Spinazolla- Peotone 4th@CC and 5th@MS

1) Ruzic-Auburn(1st@80lbs) 1st@JAX and 1st@GN
2) Widlowski-CC(2nd@80lbs) 5th@Homer/ 1st @ CC/ 2nd@RC
3) Nelson-Richmond Nippersink
4) Benigni- Zurich South(5th@80lbs@2A) 2nd@DP
5) Kern-Sandwich 2nd@CC@95lbs 1st@ROM
HM) Crouch-Pontiac 1st @ OLY 5th@BLM
HM) Thies-Roxana 3rd @ JDMS and 3rd@GN
HM) Valdiva-Rockfalls 3rd@CC
HM) Christianson- Princeton 1st@ORI

1) Corder-Sandwich(5th@80lbs) 2nd@homer@100lbs/ 1st@CC@100lbs/ 3rd@Rom
2) Cannon-Rockford(1st@75lbs) 1st@FLN@100lbs
3) Campbell-Ridgeview(2nd @85lbs) 1st @ OLY
4) Kelley-Darien 6th@Homer@100lbs/ 3rd@CC@100lbs/ 1st@DP
5) Naughton-Rivertrails 1st @Matt
HM) Franco-Sycamore 1st@FLN
HM) Thompson-Camp Point 2nd@ORI
HM) Smallwood-Princeton 1st@ORI
HM) Kuster-Rockridge 1st@RR


1) Dooley-Wilmington(1st@90lbs) 2nd@CC
2) Monson-Mercer(4th@90lbs) 1st@JAX/ 1st@RR/ 1st@ORI
3) Bergler-Reed Custer(X) 1st @ CC@95lbs/ 2nd @ RC/ 1st@MS
4) Robbins-Bluffs(2nd@90lbs)
5) Mark-Tremont(6th@90lbs) 1st@OLY
HM) Campbell-Ridgeview 2nd@OLY
HM) Smith-Riverdale 2nd@ORI/ 2nd@RR/ 1st@GEN
HM) Kruse-Westview Hills 1st@ROM
HM) Mrozowski-Rochester 2nd@JAX

1) Herman-Peotone(X) 1st@CC
2) Musil-Eisenhower(X) 1st@Homer/ 5th@CC/ 2nd@DP
3) Frescura-Channahon(SQ) 3rd@ Homer/ 2nd@CC/ 1st@RC
4) Finch-Rockridge 2nd@RR and 1st@ORI
5) Skubic-CC 2nd@RC/ 3rd@CC/ 6th@Homer
HM) O’Connor-Illini Bluffs(X) 1st@OLY
HM) Willis-Shelbyville(X) 2nd@JAX
HM) Anderson-Matento 6th@CC/ 3rd@RC/ 4th@Homer
HM) Harn-Canton 3rd@BLM and 2nd@ORI

1) Benson-CC(5th@90lbs) 2nd@Homer/ 1st@CC/ 1st@RC
2) Chesier-Matthews(SQ) 1st@Matt/ 2nd@CAR/ 1st@DP
3) Cobine-Roxana(SQ) 1st@GN
4) Anderson-Orion 1st@ORI and 1st@WC
5) Hanneken-MtZion(X) 1st@Olympia
HM) Lewis-PrarieCentral(SQ)4th@Bloom
HM) Brown-Auburn 3rd@GN
HM) Hanafin-Leroy 2nd@RC
HM) Hill-Oak Grove 2nd@DP

1)Johnson-Matthews(2nd@95lbs) 1st@Matt/ 1st@CAR/ 1st@DP
2)Glenn-Sandwich(X) 3rd@homer/ 2nd@CC/ 1st@ROM
3)Katzmerek-Roxana(2nd@100lbs) 1st@JDMS and 3rd@GN
4)Calhoun-Jonesburg(5th@105lbs) 2nd@Matt and 2nd@DP
5)Timmerman-Sherrad 1st@ORI/ 2nd@RR/ 1st@GEN
HM) Porzelius-Heyworth(SQ)2nd@OLY
HM) Glenn-Lincoln
HM) Bush-Camp Point 2nd@ORI
HM) Worobey-Manteno 1st@RC

1) Whalen-Leroy 2nd@BLM/ 1st@RC/ 1st@OLY/ 1st@MS
2) Dillion-CC 2nd@RC and 3rd@CC@119lbs
3) Wurster-Matthews 3rd@CAR/ 1st@Matt/ 2nd@DP
4) Hamby-Seneca 1st@Flinn
5) Thies-Roxana 4th@JDMS@117 and 1st@GN
HM) Thomas-Sherrad 1st@GEN
HM) Lollar-Olympia 2nd@ORI
HM) Griffin-Camp Point 1st@ORI
HM) Riggs-Taylorville 2nd@JAX

1)Grant-CC 1st@RC and 1st@CC@126
2)Rodriguez-Matt 3rd@CAR and 2nd@Matt
3)Miller-Tremont 2nd@OLY
4)Milton-Seneca 3rd@Fln
5)Loete-Orion 3rd@ORI
HM Purchase-ERIE 4th@RR
HM Arnold-Mercer 4th@Jax and 2@RR/ 6th @ ORI
HM Ririe-Darian 5th@CC
HM Thomas-Clinton DNP@BLM and 1st @ MS

1) Piazza-Darien 2nd@CC/ 2nd@Homer/ 2nd@DP
2) Hull-Cliftion Nash 3rd@CC and 3rd@RC
3) Friday-Camp Point 2nd@ORI
4) Cook-Pittsfield 3rd@JAX
5) Gallego-Matthews 3rd@Matt
HM) Rowland-East Peoria 2nd@OLY and DNP@MS
HM) Sancken-Gibson City 3rd@MS
HM) Finnegan-Peotone 2nd@MS
HM) Dicanio-Zurich South 3rd@DP

1) Estabrook-Mercer 1st@Jax and 1st@Ori
2) Pfeifer-Reed Custer 1st@RC/ 1st@CC/ 1st@MS
3) Joseph-Clifton Nash 2nd@CC
4) Samuels-Darien 5th@CC and 1st@DP
5) Vest-Havard 2nd@DP
HM) Hartmen- Johnsburg 1st@Matt and 3rd@DP
HM) Herring-Roxana 2nd@GN and 2nd@JDMS
HM) Fuller-Tremont 2nd@OLY
HM) Bischoff-Leroy 5th@OLY and 2nd@MS

1) Mouser-PC 2nd@BLM
2) Davidson-Darien 1st@CC
3) Johnson-Channonhan 2nd@RC and 2nd@CC
4) Adams-Zurich South 1st@DP
5) Dochterman-Orion 2nd@ORI and 1st@WC
HM Mammen-Lincoln 2nd@JAX
HM Kirk-Rockford Flinn 1st@FLN
HM Willis-Mercer 3rd@RR
HM Hicks-Erie- 2nd@RR

1)Wahls-Leroy 5th@BLM/ 1st@RC/ 1st@Oly/ 1st@MS
2)Sandevol-Clifton Nash 1st@CC and 2nd@RC
3)Huff-Roxana 1st@JDMS
4)Delgado-River Trails 1st@Matt
5)Puckett RI Edision 1st@ORI and 2nd@Gen
HM) LI Twin Groves
HM)Herrera Richmond
HM)Ulrich Reed Custer 2nd@CC and 2nd@MS
HM)Ferrari Johnsburg 2@Matt@215 and 4th@DP

1)Gustefan- Rock Island 1st@ORI and 1st@Gen
2)Gomez- Clifton Nash 1st@CC and 2nd@RC
3)Hizer- Mt Zion 1st@OLY
4)Howell-Leroy 2nd@OLY and 3rd@MS
5) Morris-Johnsburg 2nd@DP
HM Vacquez-Matthews 3rd@Matt
HM Thorton-East Peoria 2nd@MS and 5th@OLY
HM Brawdy-Canton 3rd @BLM
HM Parrish-Wilmington 3rd@CC

1) McLarty-Litchfield 2nd@Jax
2) Morris-Johnsburg 1st@Matt
3) Dee-RI Edison 2nd@ORI
4) Powers- Kewannee 2nd@RR
5) Van Der Mele- Channonhan 3rd@RC and 5th@CC
HM Wallin-Matthews 2nd@DP and 4th@Matt
HM) Hockday-Erie 3rd@RR
HM) Valentine-Litchfield 3rd@Jax
HM) Cornell-Gibson City 2nd@MS

Last edited by Thatwastwo; 02-14-2020 at 10:29 PM. Reason: Moved a few guys based on input and results
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Old 02-12-2020
jct404 jct404 is offline
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Nice work Thatwastwo!
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Old 02-12-2020
Hillsdogs Hillsdogs is offline
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That’s a lot of work.. thank you
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Old 02-12-2020
omschargers omschargers is offline
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Best rankings I’ve seen so far Anderson and Docterman both won west Carroll tournament over the weekend And Docterman pinned Hicks from Erie in the finals at West Carroll in 27 seconds. And Loete Orion has Beat Arnold Mercer County 7-0 and pinned him at Orion tournament.

Last edited by omschargers; 02-12-2020 at 08:43 PM.
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Old 02-12-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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I just went through and did a few edits. Thanks for the updates and messages. Keep them coming and I will keep editing it. Hopefully we can keep tweaking this until it gets pretty accurate. I don't know a lot of the IKWF tournaments results so if you know of any head to head match ups, that would be helpful.
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Old 02-13-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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Just updated the results from the Mahomet-Seymour tournament. A few people got moved. Keep the opinions and facts coming.
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Old 02-13-2020
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Decent... question for 155: Kid that wins it (handily) is HM. Kid that places 3rd is ranked 3rd and the kid that got 2nd is no where on the list. Not to mention you have an IKWF kid listed in the IESA rankings. Perhaps you are not aware, which is cool, but Sycamore is IKWF and won't be in IESA regionals

Trust me, I know how hard it is to do rankings, did them for YEARS. Keep it up my man and we appreciate the work!
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Old 02-13-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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Good catch at 155. I must of not updated the order after updated the Deer Path tournament results, it was one of the last tournaments results I put on. I didn't know Sycamore was IKWF, good call on that.
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Old 02-13-2020
96LateralDrop 96LateralDrop is offline
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You can look up ikwf tournaments on trackwrestling. Ive noticed alot of these iesa ranked wrestlers don't have much stats on trackwrestling. It would be nice if more IESA tournaments could be on trackwrestling. But Maybe one year there will be IKWF vs IESA. Champs vs Champs
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Old 02-13-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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I got half of the middle school tournaments off of Track. I looked at some of the big tournaments weeks ago to find out about some guys I didn't have any information on. It was a lot of work trying to do the middle school results. So I was hoping that others could chime in with matches they know about or the IKWF tournaments a lot of the 1A guys wrestled in.
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