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Old 02-21-2017
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Originally Posted by CnR View Post
Ask him what his department is doing to tend to the growing number of female wrestlers in the state?

Is he actively growing the sport for females?

Does he understand that by working to grow that component he will also increase the number of coaching and officiating positions that will be available for wrestling through out he state?

(commentary) With 3 straight years of decreasing numbers of total HS wrestlers in Illinois the only component that is growing is female participation. At the current rate of decline some coaches and officials will find less work available in the coming years if more is not done to foster more growth and the creation of girls only teams like several other states have already done. The elevation of girls wrestling at the college level (about 40 schools now offer scholarships for women's wrestling - 3 of which are Illinois Schools) in almost every situation saved or helped with the creation of a new men's program. With 2-4 additional coaching jobs at each school as a result. In my opinion every coach or official in the state should want to foster growth in female wrestling...
Thank you for the post. I asked somewhat of the same question in the 1A thread. My reply - crickets.
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