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Old 04-13-2019
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How do you think they will fare in 2A? 3A seems to be far and away the premier division currently. 2 and 1A have their studs but the talent level of 3A kids not placing at state is incredible.
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Old 04-14-2019
HawkeyeMG HawkeyeMG is offline
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the first question would be about what teams are moving down (14 of them apparently).

Then where are these schools that moved down and what adjustments are going to need to be made to the appropriate sectionals.

if the rockford schools are in fact co-opting thats 2 teams out of barrington, Deerfield, Hampshire, would be another two.

Wheeling and Cary grove who were both there are right on the cusp too depending on if other schools co-op/cut their programs, etc (as Anderson said hes waiting on CPS schools)

if you have 6 schools from there, I could see where dekalb would move back to that sectional (their enrollment would have them staying in 3A) and who else to balance that out.

I have not even looked at how it would affect other sectionals too but I would imagine next year our sectionals could have a very different look. A time where they could use this as a little rebalancing but likely wont....
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Old 04-14-2019
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Originally Posted by GETOFFYOURHIP View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe with the class adjustments 8 schools will go from 3a to 2a and 8 schools will go from 2a to 1a. Below are the 8 schools that would go from 3a to 2a based on last years enrollment (remember classes are based off the previous school years enrollment)

Riverside (R.-Brookfield) 1615
Deerfield (H.S.) 1622
Oak Lawn (Richards) 1624
Chicago (Marist) 1628 2686.20 (Multiplier)
Hampshire 1636
Crete (C.-Monee) 1638
East Moline (United) 1665
Normal (Community West) 1673

Now a few things to remember; 1) these are last years enrollments, those numbers will change. 2) there will be success factors, multipliers and petitions up. 3) The rumor is that the Rockford schools are co-oping to make 2 teams instead of 4, that will change the numbers a little bit if that is true.
I believe the cut off is 1726 and that would put Cary and Wheeling is 2A as well I believe.
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Old 04-23-2019
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I happened across a bracket for an Alabama HS Wrestling championship. It was for 7A and there were only 8 people in the bracket. I assume this means they have a ton of divisions & state champions per year, twice as many as Illinois. Just throwing that out there being that people still mention 2 vs 3 divisions here.
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...
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