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Old 06-23-2019
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Originally Posted by Truth is Out There View Post
Dustin Plott has a bright future, however, the officiating was the only difference in this match.

It's tough to beat an Oklahoma team in Oklahoma was what it looked like to me.

You could wrestle the exact same Assad/Plott match move for move and come out with Assad winning under different eyes.

I know it happens, but in another match, a move which was scored 4 red completely across from the table which overruled and talked the mat official into 4 blue was just another in a series of head-scratchers that we'll sometimes be treated to in international style scoring.

The announcers cackling and literally saying, "we all hope to see Illinois lose" was just some more endured special-ness.

If personal circumstances didn't prevent Oklahoma-bound Jake Stiles from being on the team, we would all be double-chest thumping...

The chest wrap in that match. Used to be that a chest wrap always scored. Starting with Yawny/Rutherford, I'm not so sure anymore. I thought I could (pretty) confidently score these matches, but I'm coming up with different scores. (And in Yawny/Rutherford, I wanted both of them to lose, so I was impartial).

The ILLINOIS kids still deserve to thump their chests.

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