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Old 10-12-2017
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Originally Posted by oldpioneer View Post
Ahh, you did your homework. The detailed article in the Trib said that Mayor Jane Byrne made people go through hours of gun training before having one. I am a teacher MAL, and I am blessed to teach US history and such. We are free to move around the country. Gun shows, Indiana, there are plenty of ways to buy guns without having them attached to you. So, the sell them to the drug dealers and gangs, at probably 3xs the price, then they do it again. If there was simply a way to title them like cars, and have to report them stolen, then that would at least curtail the flow.

As far as the thing about drugs from opinonated, yep, legalize it and knock the cartels out of the picture, generate tons of tax dollars, and at least there would be some kind of control on it.

And my dear friend MAL, no matter what you think of our President, you are not buddies. But ALL of your posts are definitely to the right. If I had to bet, I know you punched Trump. It is ok, this America, vote as you wish!
A title might keep an "honest criminal?" from getting a many honest criminals do you know? Every new law comes with about a dozen new
ways to get around it. How they get the gun is not as important as what they do with it. This discussion should be about why they want to kill each other...If you can solve that problem it wouldn't matter if they had a tank

In no particular order here are a few ideas that would put a serious dent in gun crime. Open enrollment in schools, swift and severe punishment for offenders, more jobs, fear of god and more law abiding citizens with guns.

Probably the number one reason that most people don't kill is fear of god. Fear of punishment is a close second. This is a serious question...why do gang banger's want to kill and how do we break the cycle? Any ideas?

I don't like Trump on a personal level, but a Jack A$$ might just be what this country needs right now.
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