Illinois Matmen Camps and Clinics

Fighting Illini wrestling camps offer 3 levels of camp to attract all levels of experience. The Relentless Intensive Camp is designed for the camper wanting to compete at the highest levels. Not quite as demanding but just as competitive is the Proficient Technique Camp. This “technique” camp is designed to develop good habits and correct bad habits. A mix of both technique and intensive, the Battle for the Belt Team Camp is four solid days of wrestling teams from across the nation while getting valuable input from U of I staff and wrestlers.

Since 1978, JROB Intensive Camps have operated on the principle that intense challenges create life-changing growth. Through training physical preparation, technical skill, mental toughness, and life skills in an intense, distraction-free environment, athletes at JROB Intensive Camps are challenged to fight through and overcome physical and mental fatigue under stressful conditions, a skill that is directly transferable to success during the season. JROB immerses athletes in a structured, accountable environment that challenges them to push their limits and to discover their untapped potential. Intensive Camps available in Wisconsin (28 days), Pennsylvania (14 days), Oregon (14 days), and Iowa (10 days).

JROB Competition Camps are designed to simulate a multi-day, away-from-home tournament, with the singular goal to make each wrestler into a more fierce competitor. Competition Camps available in Georgia, Wisconsin, and California.

Featuring a high-profile slate of national and regional staff, JROB Technique Camps emphasize technical skill development and strategy. Our curriculum covers everything from basic fundamentals—stance, positioning, takedowns, and escapes—to advanced technique and strategy, including set-ups, finishes, and drilling.