JR: Illinois’ Ladies into the Final’s Pool at National Duals

TULSA, OK • The ladies of Illinois came into Pool D as the number-one seed—and deservingly so. However, a tight match in the final of their pool against a solid Team California Blue that resulted in a 35-31 loss, Illinois will have to regroup as they still enter the “Gold and Silver” Pool, on Friday, needing to be perfect if they are to be crowned this year’s National Dual champions.  

In reality, all that was truly mattered about Wednesday was qualifying for the “Gold and Silver” Pool on Thursday. Of course, Illinois would have liked to win their pool; but, at the end of the day, they still need to be flawless as a team on Thursday to claim the title.

For their opening dual of Preliminary Pool D, Illinois would lose the first match against North Carolina, and then not relinquish a point the rest of the way through. Illinois would advance into the semifinals with a 67-3 win.

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