Illinois brings back nine medals from the Women’s Ironman

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH • This past weekend, one day after hosting the prestigious Walsh Jesuit High School Men’s Ironman, Walsh Jesuit turned right around on Sunday and hosted what will become, no doubt, the toughest women’s tournament in the country, their first Women’s Ironman. And, as Illinois made the trip with several very talented and nationally ranked wrestlers, nine would place, and even though Illinois would be shut out of a final’s appearance, five young ladies would place in the top four. 

Out of those five top-four placewinners, two would come out of the 115-pound bracket. Both Harlee Hiller of Loyola, who was seeded second, and Eliana Paramo, who was seeded sixth, knew that a meeting at some point by the tournament’s end was possible, especially seeing that each was on the same bottom half of the bracket. The hope, best case scenario, was to meet in the semifinals.  

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