OTT: Coleman put everything into his return, his payoff is Paris

STATE COLLEGE, PA • Ellis Coleman was an Olympian back in 2012; since, he has competed off and on with some success, has had multiple surgeries on various parts of his body, has retired, and now he has returned. Twelve years after his London Games Olympic experience at 20 years old, Coleman is now looking forward to his Paris Games Olympic experience as a more mature man with a better grasp on handling and appreciating such a special moment.  

Coming into the Bryce Jordan Centre on the campus of Penn State University, Coleman was confident that he could win, but he just needed to do it. In his way, his entire Army WCAP club. Four of his five wins would be against the men he trains next to daily—a tall order for all of them.

Through his Challenge Tournament, Coleman would look good, wrestle good, and continue to advance—he looked like this was possible.

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