Gomez Laces Her Way to an Open Championship

LAS VEGAS • Since her Fargo runner-up finish last season, Gabriella Gomez has been difficult to beat—so difficult, in fact, that she has not lost.

This past weekend, Gomez, who came in as the number-three seed at the USMC US Open Girls High School Showcase at 100 pounds, would open her day of competition in the Round of 16 against Azalea Fetters of the UP Vikings WC—and this match would set the tone for Gomez and her tournament. And even though it would take the freshman from Carol Stream a few minutes to get to her offense, once she did, she was able to secure takedowns and accumulate points in bunches.

Against Fetters, it would take Gomez about fifteen seconds to earn her first takedown of the tournament before transitioning into a nearside cradle for a fall in 1:14. 

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