Illinois’ Infamous JR Greco Streak Ends, but Team Illinois is Optimistic

FARGO, ND • The old adage goes: “All good things must come to an end.” And even though that may be true, it is always a bit of a sour moment for the king when he falls, and it is always a sweet taste of joy for the one who knocked him off his hill. It does not mean the effort was not there, or even that the mentality was not there, or the coaching or the planning or the preparing or sacrifice or the guys or the anything—sometimes all good things simply come to an end. 

For Team Illinois’ prized possession, its Golden Goose of Fargo—its Junior Greco-Roman team—the streak of a possible fifteenth-consecutive Junior Greco-Roman National championship has now ended, and as a new day will dawn tomorrow, thus, a new beginning must begin. 

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