Homegrown Illinois Wrestlers: Day 3 Recap

Day 3 Recap
After several heartbreaking defeats in the blood round. Illinois high school athletes combine for a total of 7 All-americans. One homegrown wrestler Austin O’Connor (UNC) wins the National Championship. What a great tournament and event, can’t wait until next season. Olympic Trials coming in April.
Louis Hayes, Virginia – a IHSA State Champion, from Carl Sandburg H.S.
Hayes wins 5-2 over Boo Dryden (MINN) in the first round. Hayes beats 7 seed Lucas Byrd (ILL) 6-4, in overtime. Hayes finds himself in the quarter-final against Penn St. standout, and number  2 seed, Roman Bravo-Young.
Day 2 – Hayes loses to Bravo-Young in the quarterfinals 4-1. Then, pins Rich (CSUB) in the blood round , to become an All-American. Next, Hayes loses to McGee by a score of 8-4. He will wrestle Cannon (NU)  for 7th place.
Day 3 – Hayes loses to Cannon (NU) by a score of 11-3, to take 8th place and become an All-American.
Michael Mcgee, Arizona State – a two-time IHSA State Champion, from Plainfield East H.S.
Mcgee beats Richie Koehler (RID) by a score of 13-4, in the first round. Mcgee gets caught by  Chris Cannon (NW) in the second round and loses by fall in the 1st period. Mcgee will wrestle Dryden (MINN) in the second round of the consolation bracket.
Day 2 – Mcgee dominates Dryden (MINN) by a score of 16-3. Mcgee, beats Hines (LEH) next by a score of 15-7. Next he beats Schmitt (MIZZ) 10-6, in the blood round, and defeats Hayes (UVA) 8-4. He wrestles DeSanto (IOWA) in the semifinal wrestleback tomorrow.
Day 3 – Mcgee gets tech falled by DeSanto (IOWA) to start the day. He will wrestle Byrd (ILL)  for 7th place. Mcgee gets pinned by Byrd (ILL), and takes 8th place to All-American.
Dylan Duncan, Illinois – a two-time IHSA State Champion, from Montini H.S. 
Duncan wins by major decision, 13-2 over Lane Peters (ARMY) in the first round. Duncan loses to number 3 seed Sebastion Rivera (RUT) 10-4. Duncan will wrestle Lloren (FS) in the second round of the consolation bracket.
Day 2 – Duncan beats Lloren (FS) 4-1. Duncan defeats Willits (ORST) 3-2. Then beats Simon (CMU) in the blood round, to become an All-American. Then beats Carlson (NDSU) 3-2 the following round. Duncan will wrestle Rivera for the 2nd time (RUT) in the consolation semifinal tomorrow.
Day 3 – Duncan loses to Rivera (RUT) by a score of 7-4. He will wrestle Chad Red (NEB) for 5th. Duncan defeats Red (NEB) by a score of 3-0 to take 5th place and become an All-American. He is Montini’s Catholic first ever All-American.
Austin O’Connor, North Carolina – a four-time IHSA State Champion, from St. Rita H.S.
O’Connor defeats Crooks (ASU) by a score of 12- 4, in the first round. O’Connor beats Parriott (PUR) by a score of 8-3. He will wrestle Millner (APP) in the quarterfinals.
Day 2 – O’Connor beats Millner (APP) 5-2. He will wrestle Mauller (MIZZ) in the semifinals.
O’Connor beats Mauller (MIZZ) in the first tiebreaker and wins 2-1. He will wrestle in the finals tomorrow night against Sammy Sasso (OSU).
Day 3 – O’Connor Defeats Sasso (OSU) in the finals by a score of 3-2. He is your 2021 149 lbs. National Champion. A great season and tournament for O’Connor, he will be back next season. St. Rita should be proud.
Yahya Thomas, Northwestern – a IHSA  place winner, from Mt. Carmel H.S.
Thomas upsets 8 seed Abas (STAN) by a score of 6-2 to start his tournament. Thomas upsets 9 seed Lamer (POLY), by a score of 10-4. Two big wins for Thomas, and he will face number 1 seed Sasso (OSU) in the quarters.
Day 2 – Thomas loses to Sasso (OSU) by a score of 8-3 in the quarterfinals. In the consolation bracket, Thomas beats Moore (OU) 3-1, then he defeats Abas (STAN) by a score 7-1. He will wrestle Mauller (MIZZ) in the consolation semifinal tomorrow.
Day 3 – Thomas beats Mauller (MIZZ) 7-4, then follows that with a victory over Lewallen (OKST) by a score of 5-3 to take 3rd place, and become an All-American. Great run by Thomas, who takes the at-large bid and goes 6-1 at NCAAs.
Jacob Warner, Iowa  –  A three-time IHSA State Champion, from Washington H.S
Warner goes down 6-0 in the 1st period to battle back and beat Reenan (NCST) in overtime 9-7. Warner beats the 12 seed, Davison (NW) 3-0, in the second round. Warner will wrestle 4 seed Ferrari (OKST) in the quarterfinals.
Day 2 – Warner loses to freshman phenom Ferrari (OKST) 3-2. Warner falls to the consolation bracket where he beats Caffey (MSU) 4-1, and Buchanan (WYO) by a score of 6-2. He wrestles Woodley (OU) tomorrow in the semifinal wrestleback to go for third.
Day 3 – Warner defeats Woodley (OU) by a score of 2-1. In the 3rd place bout Warner  loses to Amine (MICH) by a score of 5-3. Great run by 
Tony Cassioppi, Iowa  – A two-time Illinois State Champion, from Hononegah H.S.
Cassiopi defeats Knighton-Ward (HOF) by a score of 9-1, in the first round. Cassioppi defeats Ornoff (OSU) 11-0. Cassioppi will face 4 seed Schultz (ASU) in the quarters.
Day 2 – Cassioppi defeats Shultz by a score of 4-1. Then loses to number 1 seed Streveson (MINN) 16-6. In the consolation bracket Cassioppi will wrestle Hilger (WIS) to go for third place.
Day 3 – Cassioppi defeats Hilger by a score of 8-0. Cassioppi followed that performance with another big win over Schuktz (ASU) 5-0 in the third place match.. Cassioppi places third and becomes an All-American, a great run by the Sophomore from Hononegah H.S.

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