Illinois Regional Olympic Training Center announces the addition of Delgado and Carr

The Illinois Regional Olympic Training Center has announced the addition of Jesse Delgado and Nick Carr.

Jesse Delgado

 Salinas, California
 Competed for the University of Illinois collegiately
 2017 US Open All-American
 2017 Cerro Pelado Bronze Medalist
 2014 NCAA Division I National Champion
 2013 NCAA Division I National Champion
 2014 Big Ten Champion
 2013 Big Ten Champion
 2013 Big Ten Championship Outstanding Wrestler
 Three Time NCAA Division I All-American
 2009 CIF State Champion

“I am happy to announce my return to Champaign and the Illinois Regional Training Center to pursue my World and Olympic aspirations. At the highest level every wrestler looks for whatever competitive edge they can use, and after trying out a different training location, I quickly realized that home is where I need to be. I strongly feel I can be successful in Champaign because of the extreme level of comfort I have here both in and out of the wrestling room. The community, the fans, and the alumni truly make Champaign a special place to me. The hiring of Coach Medlin also made a huge impact on my decision. This is the first time we’ve had such a dedicated and knowledgeable freestyle coach that I can trust and learn a lot from. Another reason I need to be back home is because of Jeremy Hunter. I’m not sure if anyone knows or understands the amount him and I have trained together. We’re so familiar with each other we can go an entire practice correcting mistakes and getting better without talking. Also, the addition of Coach Poeta is appealing as he places a positive influence on the program as we continue to build and grow. Last but not least, I would like to take this time to personally thank Coach Heffernan, as he has been my coach since I was 18 years old and has helped mold me into the man and athlete I am today. I know Champaign and the Illinois RTC is the place for me to achieve the most I can in the final chapter of my wrestling career. “ – Jesse Delgado

“When I first started this job we set down and went through the senior level athletes that we were going to target for the regional training center in the immediate future. The RTC board and the contributing members put Jesse at the top of that list. He was a 2 time NCAA Champion for the University of Illinois and he was someone we desperately wanted to get back in the fence. With him you know what you are going to get; a fierce competitor, a good person, and someone that is going to give you a 100% of themselves. We are really excited about his future and excited to have him back in Illinois” – Head IRTC Coach Bryan Medlin


Nick Carr

 South Fayette, Pennsylvania
 Competed for Kent State and Washington and Jefferson College collegiately
 2015 NCAA Division III National Champion
 2014 NCAA Division III National Runner-Up
 PIAA State Champion
 PIAA State Runner-Up

“I made the decision to train at the IRTC because the program can help me develop and compete at the highest level of wrestling. The wrestling culture at the University of Illinois is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The community is very supportive and the coaches and athletes are great people. Also, having the opportunity to train in the same wrestling environment as my younger brother, Michael, is something I’ve always wanted to do. “ – Nick Carr

“Nick came to us with the idea of joining the RTC after taking a little bit of time off of the
sport. We had already seen the work ethic of his brother Michael, Illinois’ starting 141 pounder, and we were extremely excited when we got to see him workout and found out that Nick had a similar work ethic and approach to the sport of wrestling. We are extremely encouraged by his progress so far and very excited about what the wrestling future holds for him.” – Head IRTC Coach Bryan Medlin

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Written by Mike Bare

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