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What ever happened to Kyle Hutter. Every wrestling line-up needs that steady and tough wrestler in it that is the glue. Hutter was that guy for both his high school and college teams.

A Tinley Park Bulldog on the kids level, Hutter entered high school at Providence Catholic with little fanfare. But he soon began to make his mark reaching the finals of the Chicago Catholic League 103-pound title match and winning 32 matches. An extremely hard worker, Hutter could be considered a late bloomer. He qualified for his last three state tournaments, making the All State team as both a junior and as a senior.

Kyle-Hutter-CoachAt the same time Hutter was a key member of the up and coming Team Illinois freestyle team that would go on to dominate the country with a string of national titles. Hutter gathered two Fargo All American placements and later on in his career was a University Nationals finalist and in 2013 claimed a spot on the national freestyle team with a 3rd place at the prestigious World Team Trials.

As a collegiate wrestler, Hutter went to the east coast to compete for the Old Dominion Monarchs. It was here for Coach Steve Martin that he began to reach his folkstyle potential. Qualifying for the NCAA tournament three times as well as becoming a three time Academic All American while balancing a double major in accounting and finance helped set Hutter up for life after wrestling.

Following a stint coaching at Old Dominion and amid rumors that he might return to the Chicagoland area to coach, Hutter is now working in finance in Virginia Beach, VA.

Age: 29

Where do you live today? Virginia Beach, VA

Your Kids Team: Tinley Park Bulldogs

Your High School Team: Providence Catholic

Your College Team: Old Dominion University

What years did you wrestle H.S. Varsity & Weight Classes: ’03 (103), ’04 (112), ’05 (119), ’06 (125)

What years did you wrestle College & Weight Classes: ’07 (125), ’08 (133), ’09 (133), ’11 (133)


Highest Placement in H.S.: 3rd – 2x All State, 3x State Qualifier

Highest Placement in College: 3x NCAA Qualifier

Did you wrestle Freestyle/Greco? Freestyle was my favorite style. 2x Fargo All American, University Nationals Runner-up, 3rd at 2013 World Team Trials.

Your High School Coach: Keith Healy

Your College Coach: Steve Martin

Greatest Accomplishment in wrestling? I think my biggest accolade in wrestling would be taking 3rd at the 2013 World Team Trials which got me on the US National Team that year. Ultimately, I believe my biggest accomplishment though was being an assistant coach at Old Dominion. I think being able to make some type of impact for my athletes during that time was a bigger deal than any of my own personal accomplishments.


Why did you start wrestling? Wrestling was something my Dad introduced to me at age 5. The more I wrestled, the more I got hooked onto the sport and the competition.

Do you still compete in wrestling? I competed for 4 years after my college career at the international level but retired in 2016.

Who influenced you the most in wrestling? There are so many coaches and people that have an influence on you while wrestling. It is so tough to narrow that down to one person. My head coaches though always had a huge influence on me and it wasn’t only in wrestling. Coach Healy and Coach Martin both had their impact on me in wrestling and ultimately outside the wrestling room also. Coaches end up having a much bigger impact on their athletes than how they grow as wrestlers but also how they grow as a person. Big thanks to all of the coaches out there who dedicate their time.

Kyle-Hutter-USA03What do you weigh today? I think about 165, but I haven’t stepped on the scale in months.

If you could change one thing about your wrestling career, what would it be? I wouldn’t change a thing. It got me to the point I am today and I have no regrets.

What do you do professionally for a living today? I work at Raymond James, a financial services firm. I work with families and small businesses in an advisor role. I went from coaching in college to now coaching families through their finances. I help guide them through the process of reaching their financial goals so they can put their focus on the stuff that truly matters to them.

Do you coach or officiate? I coached at Old Dominion until last season. I now volunteer at some local high schools and stop by ODU when I can.


How did wrestling change or better you? Wrestling teaches you how to handle adversity. It is a tough sport and you have to do your best to let the stuff you cannot control go. Off the wrestling mat is the same way, you must control the things you can control and make the best out of everything else that comes your way.

Name one match you lost you should have won: It’s always hard to go back and think about those matches you believe you should have won. The outcome is the outcome and usually want to leave those kind of things in the past, learn from it, and move forward. If I pick one though, it would have to be my last college match against Rollie Peterkin from Penn at NCAA’s. It was OT and I hit a slide by where his hands hit the mat. The ref called 2 but waived off the TD fairly quickly. I ended up losing.


Who was your biggest HS rival? Mario Morgan (Mt. Carmel). There were so many good lightweights during that era and I could talk about a lot great wrestlers. Morgan would have to be the one with us wrestling in the Chicago Catholic League finals 3 of 4 years plus our school and CCL rivalry adding to the mix.

Who was your biggest college rival? Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra). Wrestled him in 3 conference title matches.

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