GO EARN IT Wrestling Apparel High School Rankings 12/6

We are very excited to unveil our first full set of Illinois Matmen High School Rankings brought to you by GO EARN IT Wrestling Apparel!

We have taken your input into consideration and have made some changes for the new season.

The two biggest complaints we have heard in the past are:

  1. Your ranker is from out of state and doesn’t see the wrestlers in person during the season.
  2. You rank too many wrestlers. Your rankings have lost their prestige because so many wrestlers are ranked, and once a wrestler enters your rankings, they never get removed even if they aren’t performing.

To address these concerns and to improve the rankings, we have made the following changes:

  1. We have brought rankers on board that will be out and about seeing wrestlers in person throughout the season as well as interacting with coaches.
  2. We will only be ranking the Top 12 teams and Top 6 individuals at each weight. We chose Top 6 for individuals since that is the number of wrestlers that place at the state tournament. The number of honorable mention wrestlers will vary by weight depending on the depth of that weight class. Only wrestlers we feel deserve to be ranked will be ranked.

As always, we need your help and input. While we have rankers with feet on the ground, they can’t see everything.

Please send any missing information and input that may influence the rankings to the following email addresses. We also encourage coaches to send dual results and team updates to these addresses.

Class 1A: flashy@illinoismatmen.com
Class 2A/3A: rankings@illinoismatmen.com

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

“Representing the toughest athletes on the planet!”
Available online at goearnit.com or locally at Dick Pond Athletics

Individual Rankings
Class 1A | Class 2A | Class 3A

Team Rankings
Class 1A | Class 2A | Class 3A

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Written by Mike Bare

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