GO EARN IT Wrestling Apparel High School Rankings 3/27

Surprise! Surprise! We have one more set of GO EARN IT individual rankings for the 2016-17 season thanks to Rob Sherrill.

About these rankings:

All state qualifiers are part of this final ranking, so more than 100 wrestlers have been added since the last ranking, which was done after the regional. Information for all wrestlers is based on what was readily available. Although the state champions hold the final No. 1 spot in all 42 weight classes, the rest of the rankings are in actual order of state tournament finish for only about half of the weight classes. As was the case with the rankings throughout the season, wrestlers in this final ranking were ranked on the basis of who they wrestled and who they beat, NOT where they finished at the State Farm Center. The team rankings done following the regional are final.

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Individual Rankings
Class 1A | Class 2A | Class 3A

Team Rankings
Class 1A | Class 2A | Class 3A

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Written by Mike Bare

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