Team Illinois vs. Team California – Full Recap

The historic “Team Illinois vs. Team California” was another great great event. The wrestlers from California came to compete, the action was fast, the wrestling was tough, and it made for a fantastic dual. If you missed the event, be sure to subscribe and catch the “REPLAY” streaming on our Illinois Matmen Channel powered by Rokfin.
Under Card
82 – Al Woo vs. Aiden McClure  McClure, winner by decision 3-0.
65 – Thiago Silva vs. Anthony Hayes  Silva, winner by decision 13-3.
65 – Thales Silva vs. Erik Klichrov Silva, winner by decision 4-1.
100 – Deven Casey vs. Nikade Zinkin  Zinkin with the win 4-0.
Undercard Main Event
127 – Netavia Wickson vs.  Alexis “Lexi” Janiak
  • Janiak, winner by decision 8-2. The junior, Janiak, put on an offensive display against Wickson. Janiak scored the first two takedowns of the match and jumped out to an early 4-0 lead. Janiak hits a nice snap-down go-behind at the end of the 1st period to take a 6-0 lead into the 2nd period. Wickson starts the 2nd period with a go behind to cut the lead to 4, 6-2. Wickson got close to another go-behind, but could not score. Another takedown by Janiak seals the match, and she wins convincingly.
106 – Brock Mantanona vs. Ty Edwards
  • Mantanona, winner by fall. Mantanona controlled this match from start to finish. Mantanona scored on a variety of takedowns, most impressive may have been his ankle pick off the whistle. Mantanona ran the score up to 6-1 before ultimately registering the fall in the 2nd period.
152 – Taythan Silva vs. Braden Stauffenberg
  • Stauffenberg, winner by fall. A hard hand fight ensued from the first whistle, and both wrestlers seemed focused on imposing their will on their opponent. Silva got in on a single leg, but could not finish. Stauffenberg scored on a single-leg takedown late in the first period to take the lead 2-0. Stauffenberg got the escape to start the 2nd period. Next, Silva took a poor shot, and got caught with his head down. Stauffenberg locked up a near side cradle, drove Silva to his back and that was the match.
132 – Sean Solis vs. Nain Vasquez
  • Vasquez, winner by major decision 16-6. Solis came out and took the early lead with a re-attack single-leg takedown, Vasquez got the escape and the first period ended with a score of 2-1. Solis escapes to start the 2nd and take a 3-1 lead. Solis gets in deep on a single again and Vasquez is able to defend. Solis, takes blood time and is warned for stalling, and the momentum shift was very apparent. Vasquez scored on a single-leg out the back door, caught a turk and secured 3 points near fall to take the lead 6-3 at the end of the 2nd period. The 3rd period was all Vasquez, he escaped from bottom and then started pushing the pace, scoring on a variety of takedowns. Vasquez scored back points late on a cradle to finish the match in dominant fashion.
138 – Hayden Zinkin vs. Danny Curran
  • Zinkin, winner by decision 5-4. Back and forth action in this match throughout. Both guys got in deep on leg attacks but neither could finish, and the 1st period ended with a score 0-0. Curran goes down in the 2nd period, the leg-rider Zinkin put a tough ride on Curran and the 2nd period ended still scoreless 0-0. The third period however was all action, Zinkin chose down and escaped to take the lead 1-0. Curran, then takes the lead with a takedown, followed by a quick reversal by Zinkin. Curran gets a reversal with 45 seconds left to take the lead 4-3. Zinkin attempted several consecutive granby rolls, almost gave up back points. Before finally scoring on a reversal with 10 seconds left to take the lead, and win the match by 1 point.
145 – Zach Parker vs. Tommy Curran
  • Curran, winner by major decision 12-3. Curran came out and took the early lead with a takedown and ride-out to end the 1st period 2-0. Curran chose down to start the 2nd period and scored on a reversal, and caught a leg-turk to secure  backpoints. Parker gets an escape and the 2nd period ends with a score of  6-1. Curran dominated the 3rd period. He took Parker down multiple times before the final whistle to secure the major decision.
285 – TJ Takafua vs. Ryan Boersma 
  • Boersma, winner by decision 1-0. Not a lot of early action in this bout, as both heavyweight looked to be feeling each other out. First period ends scoreless 0-0. Boersma rides Takafua out, and the 2nd period with the same score 0-0. Boersma went down to start the 3rd period, and scored on a quick escape to take the lead 1-0. Takafua made a couple attempts late with no success and Boersma held on to win by a slim margin.
113 – Andrew Barbosa vs. Nick Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez, winner by decision 3-0. Gonzalez got in deep on a couple shots but couldn’t finish on the freshman Barbosa, the first period ended 0-0. Gonzalez chose down to start the 2nd period and took the lead 1-0 early. Barbosa missed on the front-headlock inside-trip and Gonzalez capitalized with the go behind to go up 3-0 at the end of the period. Gonzalez puts a suffocating ride out on Mantanona in the 3rd period to secure the victory.
170 – Ceasar Garza vs. Brad Gillum
  • Garza, winner by decision 7-2. The score may not reflect how good Garza looked in this match against 15U world silver medalist Gillum. He came out, took Gillum down and had a tough ride to end the 1st period 2-0. Garza chose down and scored on escape after almost catching Gillum in a scramble on the way out. Next, Garza scored on a single-leg, off a dirty shuck to take the lead 5-0. Gillum escaped, and the 2nd period ended 5-1. Gillum chose down to start the 3rd period, and escaped to make it 5-2. Garza executes one more late takedown to win.
160 – TJ McDonnell vs. Mike Caliendo
  • Caliendo, winner by major decision 11-2. Caliendo bounces back with a big victory after taking a loss to Hamiti at “Test of the Best.” Caliendo scored two takedowns in the first period to jump out to a 4-1 lead, that he would not give up.  Caliendo chose down to start the 2nd period. He escaped then scored another takedown to push his lead to 7-1 after two periods. McDonnell chose neutral to start the 3rd period. Caliendo scores the takedown of the night with a nasty super duck takedown to take a commanding 9-1 lead. Caliendo cut McDonnell and scored one more takedown and ride out to secure the victory.
112 – Mia Palumbo vs. Cadence Diduch
  • Diduch, winner by decision 6-2. In the upset of the night, #11 in the country, Diduch, takes out #2 in the country, Palumbo. Diduch fired off a single-leg attack and scored ten seconds into the bout. Diduch followed up with a down-block, re-attack to a single-leg and transitioned to a double-leg to take a stout 4-0 lead. Palumbo answered with shuck to score to make 4-2. Then a single-leg attempt, where she lifted Diduch off the mat, but Diduch demonstrated amazing body control to not only not expose her back, but also to not surrender the takedown. First period ended with a score of 4-2. Diduch came out to start the 2nd period with a nice snap-down, transition to a butt-drag to push her lead to 6-2. Palumbo fired off several attacks, but could not crack Diduch’s head and hands defense. This match ended with no more points being scored as Diduch displayed solid wrestling to secure the win.
120 – Joey Cruz vs. Charlie Farmer
  • Cruz, winner by decision 5-2. Cruz came out and scored off of a nice sweep single-leg attack. Farmer got the quick escape to make 2-1. Cruz executed a high-crotch takedown, followed by a short-time ride out to end the 1st period ahead 4-1. Cruz chose down to start the 2nd period, and escaped quickly to take a 5-1 lead. Both wrestlers were attacking to end the 2nd period, but neither scored. The 2nd period ended with a score of 5-1. Farmer chose down to start the 3rd, and after a short ride escaped to make it 5-2. Great wrestling in this match Cruz got in on a leg-attack late, but could not finish and the match ended with the same score 5-2.
182 – Adrien Cramer vs. DJ Parker
  • Cramer, winner by decision 9-3. Cramer came out and scored a takedown off of a nice shuck to a single-leg. Cramer rides Parker out and the 1st period ends 2-0. Cramer chose down and escaped to take a 3-0 lead. Parker got in a Cramer’s leg a couple of times, but could not finish. Cramer down-blocked and scored off a nice head-in-the hole, front-headlock go behind to push his lead to 5-0. Parker escapes and the 2nd period ends with a score of 5-1. Parker chose down to start the 3rd period after a tough minute ride by Cramer, Parker escaped to make it 5-2. A flurry of attacks by Parker are thwarted off by Cramer. Cramer catches a leg on the edge of the mat and finishes the takedown to take a 7-2 lead with 18 seconds left in the match. Surprisingly, Cramer elects to cut Parker, making the match 7-3.  With little time left on the clock, Cramer shot a nice high-crotch transition to a single-leg to finish the match with an exclamation point!
126 – Beau Mantanona vs.  Josh Koderhandt
  • Koderhandt, winner by decision 5-3. Koderhandt came out and scored the first takedown with a big double-leg takedown to set the tone. Mantanona escapes making 2-1. Koderhandt took a shot transitioned to body-lock and whipped Mantanona for his second takedown of the match. A ride out and the score is 4-1 at the end of the 1st period. Koderhandt chose neutral to start the 2nd period. Both wrestlers get in om leg attacks, some good wrestling but neither can score after a couple good scrambles on the mat. The 2nd period ends with a score still 4-1. Mantanona chose down, and the match got interesting after he scored a reversal making it 4-3 with 30 seconds left. Mantanona cut Koderhandt to make it 5-3, and got in deep on single-leg, and tried to finish on the edge, but the match ended with both wrestlers in the seat-belt position. Koderhandt wrestled tough throughout this feature bout.

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